Way Better.

Display Ads:
$40.2 billion spent in 2013. 0.1% click-through rate.
Do the math.

Banner ads. Rich media. Behaviorally targeted ads. No matter what you call them, display ads don’t work well. That’s bad news for publishers trying to raise ECPMs and advertisers trying to increase ROI.

Annoying or completely ignored, the banner ad doesn't deliver on its promise.



$46.9 billion spent in 2013.
1% click-through rate

Now your ads match static content on pages. Search ads work better for some industries—but you spend inordinate amounts of time and money managing keywords, bids, and links. And you compete with every other website out there.

Search ads are better than display ads. But not by much.


Wayfare E-commerce Ads:
Up to 50%
click-through rate

We match your ad content dynamically with customers’ requests. Then we bring customers directly to your product or checkout page. Dynamic matching makes your ads 50 to 500 times more useful to consumers and accelerates purchasing. We dramatically improve your conversions and ROI. Wayfare. Way better.

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