Quickly Create
User Generated Inquiry Campaigns.

Implementing a campaign on the Wayfare Engine is ridiculously fast and easy. Unlike traditional display or search ads campaigns can be created in minutes via the Wayfare Interactive Self Help (W.I.S.H.) platform. Test landing pages, test offers, and adapt your campaign quickly. Easily cross-market complementary items. Track performance and optimize campaigns via the platform’s real-time dashboard.

Step 1

Give us what we need

All we need is your logo and your tracking codes.
No copy, no imagery.


Tracking codes:

Step 2

Choose your targeted audience

Choose your target. Target via parameters for shoppers. Do you want customers looking for the basic or premium packages? Are you looking at customers in Utah or New York? What days do you want this product or service to be pushed? What time? What price range do your perfect customers want to spend? No keywords, no wasted time.

Step 3

Your offers are up and ready

Your offers are displayed at relevant publication’s pages.
They are helpful and provide your potential customers with the products and services
they are already looking for.

Step 4

Consumers are Engaged

Customers are dropped on the exact products they want or directly into checkout. Customers don’t get lost or confused, they save time and don’t have to search for what they want again. They make the purchase in a just a few clicks.

Step 5

Track Results

Watch your metrics in real time via your W.I.S.H. Platform’s dashboard.
Monitor, analyze, and optimize campaigns, no fuss, no mess.