Offer your advertisers
way better results.

Wayfare packages ad functionality into commerce units and provides you with simple ad tags to enable e-commerce functionality. We and our Agency partners can also help you design your units.

Wayfare units enable advertisers to easily cross-market complementary items. Our units produce 30-50x greater monetization than typical display ads and 10-20x greater monetization than search ads.

Step 1

Turnkey Placement

Wayfare units utilize a bid-based, micro-targeted algorithm to bring in multiple advertisers.
These advertisers are packaged neatly to your consumer in a format which is useful to your visitors.
This ensures that visitors will click on these units, providing you with far greater monetization.


Step 2

Fine-tune Presentation

We can work with you to customize or integrate ads so you can get the best results possible, fast.

Step 3

Track Results

Using the Wayfare dashboard, you’ll be view metrics in real time.
You’ll be able to see immediately how effective our ads are once we’ve helped you optimize your Wayfare units.