Use the Wayfare Engine
and make ECPMs take off.

Create the units you want with no fuss. Customize format, size, and look to match the design of the unit to your website. Wayfare units provide relevant helpful information for your audience, such as comparisons, cross-selling, and real-time deals. Presented as content, not ads, the units are a useful, integral part of your site. Visitors click on them more often, as a result, providing you with higher ECPMs.

Wayfare’ e-commerce ads use patent-pending technology to change ads from an unwanted distraction to a convenient added value. Our units are:

  • Useful to your Audience:

    Wayfare units provide helpful features, like comparisons, cross-selling, and real-time deals that are targeted to your visitors’ expressed interests.

  • Properly positioned:

    Wayfare ads show up when your audience is looking for a product or service. They assist your visitors instead of getting in their way.

  • Quick and Easy to deploy:

    Wayfare e-commerce ads come in many IAB-standard, customized, native or full page sizes that are ready for placement. Using ad tags, they can be deployed on your site as easily as display or search ads.

  • High quality:

    Customers find exactly what they’re looking for, which translates to a better experience on your site. Ads can be contextualized to page content, letting you choose advertising that complements your content and enhances the audience’s perception of your site.

  • Site Abandonment Prevention:

    Customers don’t have to leave your site to navigate search engines or other sites to buy products. Keep search dollars for yourself rather than hand them out to others.

  • Decision Accelerators:

    When the information is right in front of customers, the decision-making is accelerated. Wayfare units deliver customers inside the advertiser’s site as close to the shopping cart as possible. Uninterrupted engagement leads to substantially higher monetization and conversion.

Wayfare Units Deliver Results for Advertisers, Raising your revenue as a Publisher

Wayfare units deliver 20-30x greater monetization than typical display ads and 5-8x greater than search ads. Our performance goals are aligned with those of consumers, advertisers, and publishers. When the products and services are matched to the customer’s needs correctly, both advertiser and publisher are set up for success.