Website Publishers

E-commerce and content websites have one thing in common. They all need to improve monetization, whether that means ad sales, bookings, quality lead generation, or consumer purchases.

  • Even on e-commerce sites that convert 10-20% of their traffic, 80-90% of the traffic earns nothing.
  • On content and search sites, even the best display and search ads yield poor monetization and an even poorer experience for your audiences.

Wayfare e-commerce ads completely change these numbers. We move the needle on click-through rates to as much as 50% and conversion rates as high as 20%. By selling space to ads built on our powerful e-commerce features, publishers can achieve anywhere from 5x to 50x greater monetization than display and search ads.

Our e-commerce ads offer complete control over the ads presented. This means that you can deliver only complementary value-added products and services to your users. And the more information your website collects from users, the better your results.

Wayfare provides a turnkey offering that delivers a customized ad solution with minimal integration—fast. That’s why a growing number of websites delivering more than two billion page views per month choose Wayfare.

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